Advice Recommendations

 We are all different.


Different goals and complexities of health issues.


I have created 3 plans, from Mini to Intensive, for you to choose from. If you’re unsure which applies, you can always book a free (about 10 minutes) call so we can go through your best option together.



Choose the plan that suits your needs

How booking a consultation works

After a plan is selected, you will be asked to enter your contact details, a preferred meeting date and whether the consultation is online or at my clinic in Hampton, UK. I will then email to confirm the appointment or suggest an alternative time.

Booking a consultation with Hilda

I will ask for some additional information, depending on the type of consultation, so I can make an initial analysis, which gives more time during the consultation. An invoice is sent a couple of days before the consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does herbal medicine work?

Herbal medicine uses plants, either the whole plant or sometimes parts of it, for example leaves, flowers, roots or bark. Their traditional uses are backed up by modern scientific research and clinical trials. Each plant has specific medicinal properties that are matched with the root cause being presented to form a herbal remedy. This is a natural approach where the active ingredient interacts with the body synergistically.

What is involved in Nutrition Therapy (NT)?

Nutritional Therapy involves an in-depth analysis of the diet and nutrition of each individual. This provides the basis to recommend a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme. The recommendations are primarily focused on diet with support from supplementation, tailored to your specific needs. Nutritional therapy is never recommended as a replacement for medical advice and clients with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms are always referred to their medical professional. However, nutritional therapy works alongside your medical team.

As you are both a Medical and BANT registered Nutritionist – Do you combine these modalities in one consultation?

Yes, but to different degrees. Given the time period, it is only possible to provide an overview in The Mini consultation. The Standard or the Intensive programmes involves both therapies, although the latter is likely to explore further details.

How does a consultation work?

The Mini consultation is an informal discussion and Q&A. The Standard or Intensive consultations are more structured and discuss your unique state of health. An assessment is made and advice given on dietary and lifestyle changes that will help the issue concerned. Based on your individual needs, we will then agree on an achievable plan of action. Following the Standard or Intensive consultation, a report is prepared that documents the recommendations and plan of action. The Intensive consultation includes a 10 minute support call (after one week).

What is needed prior to the first consultation?

For the Mini consultation (30 minutes), nothing is required – just yourself. However, the Standard and Intensive programmes, require a detailed questionnaire to be completed, which includes a dietary and lifestyle section. This permits an analysis and a thorough assessment of your health, medical history and lifestyle prior to your appointment.

I’ve been told that my condition is incurable, so what makes you think you can help me?

When doctors say that a condition is ‘incurable’, they usually mean that they don’t know of any effective treatment for it. When we work holistically there’s a far greater potential to improve our health because we’re working on all levels of the illness at the same time.

Nature has incredible power when it comes to treating illness, and whilst I don’t make any promises, I’ve seen and heard of numerous cases where people have defied all the odds and made a good recovery, even with a poor prognosis. As with conventional treatment, the longer you leave a health problem without seeking help, the more difficult it is to treat. So if you’re interested it’s best to book your consultation sooner rather than later.

How long is the programme?

It really depends on what the problem is. You can expect minor and acute problems like ear infections, cold/flu, cystitis, and sprains & strains to be resolved within 2-3 weeks, and these will generally only need a mini consultation.

The Standard or Intensive care programmes can take longer, depending on your health issues.

Everyone’s different and the amount of time it takes to recover varies enormously from person to person, but the more committed you are to put recommendations into action, the quicker the recovery process.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice if you cancel or change appointments.

Where do I consult?

I offer online consultations accessible on any device or face to face at my practice just west of London, UK.