Choose the plan that suits your needs – The following are a range of consultation and plans available.

We are all different and a lot depends on the complexities of health issues each one of us present. Below are listed services you can choose from, and if you’re not sure, you can always book a free (5-10 minutes) call so we can go through your best option together.

Appointment booking

When an appointment is booked, you’ll be sent by e-mail the questionnaire and food diary to be completed and returned at least two days prior to your appointment. This allows Hilda to analyse your health before the appointment, which creates more consultation time.

During your first visit you will discuss the main reason for the consultation and the condition(s) will be looked at and discussed in detail.

You will also be discussing your diet and lifestyle.

This information helps Hilda’s to identify the problem, and its possible causes, as well as giving her an understanding of you as an individual person, rather than just as a person with a condition which needs help.

Expect simple diagnostic procedures during the first visit such as check your blood pressure, measure your weight and perform a urinalysis.

Often people are surprised how thorough the first consultation is – A Medical Herbalist is very interested in your whole health history, all the information is relevant and important, sometimes just being able to listened with an empathic ear helps us to feel better as we take the first steps on the road to better health.

Short Plan

For a short consultation (30 minutes) about a particular problem, first aid and minor injuries/ailments like. This consultation provides advice, minimum dietary recommendations and herbal formulas/supplements tailored to your needs. No report is provided.

Wellness Plan

For ongoing support the ‘Wellness’ plan is designed to help you to improve your health. This consultation is based on analyses your diet and nutritional needs. You will get diet, nutrition. Recommendation of nutritional supplements and tailored herbal remedies.

Intensive Plan

For an intensive plan the ‘restoration and prevention’ is designed to help you get well and optimise your health. This plan involves analyses of conventional test, if GP has not recommended, you have it done privately. Nutritional health risk Profile test and Functional tests are discussed and recommended according to your needs. A report is written and all the recommendation are given based the interpretation of the tests results.

We can’t afford to only treat diseases; we must learn how to stay well. Dr J Pizzorno

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How does herbal medicine work?
Herbal Medicine works with the view that given the right resources your body can return to a healthy state. Unlike conventional treatments which work on the body part that appears to have a problem, during herbal consultation we seek out the root causes of health issues and carefully formulate an herbal remedy to restore them.
When we break a bone or cut ourselves, the body’s “inner intelligence” and life force is automatically activated to create healing.
What is involved in Nutrition Therapy (NT)?
Nutritional Therapy analysis diet and nutrition of each individual in depth before recommending a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The recommendations include diet, supplementation all according to your specific individual needs. We never recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice and always refer any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms to their medical professional. However we can work alongside your medical team.
As you are both a Medical and BANT registered Nutritionist – Do you combine these modalities in one consultation?
With the Mini consultation does not allow time for a more comprehensive investigation to access the dietary needs. However, the Standard or the Intensive programmes involves both therapies.
Our commitment to you.

Once you become a client and after you have finished your treatment, you can return any time whenever you need assistance without having to complete the paperwork.

What is needed prior to the first consultation?
For the Mini consultation (30 minutes) nothing is required, just yourself. However for the Standard and Intensive programmes, both require individuals to complete a detailed questionnaire, which includes a dietary and lifestyle section, and submit for the initial analysis – this permits a thoroughly assess of your health, medical history and lifestyle prior to you appointment.
During the Standard or Intensive consultation, will be discussed your unique state of health. An assessment is then made and advice given on any dietary and lifestyle changes that may be necessary. Based on your individual needs, we will then agree on an achievable plan of action.
I’ve been told that my condition is incurable, so what makes you think you can help me?
When doctors say that a condition is ‘incurable’, they usually mean that they don’t know of any effective treatment for it. When we work holistically there’s far greater potential to improve our health because we’re working on all aspects of the illness at the same time.

Nature has incredible power when it comes to treating illness, and whilst we don’t make any promises, we have seen and heard of numerous cases where people have defied all the odds and made a good recovery, even when their prognosis was very poor. As with conventional treatment, the longer you leave a health problem without seeking help, the more difficult it becomes to treat. So if you’re interested in any treatment it’s best to book your consultation sooner rather than late

How long does a treatment take?
It really depends on what the problem is. You can expect minor and acute problems like ear infections, cold/flu, cystitis, and sprains & strains to be resolved within 2-3 weeks, and these will generally only need a short consultation.
The Standard or Intensive care programmes can take longer, pending on your health issues.
Everyone’s different and the amount of time it takes to recover varies enormously from person to person, but the more committed you are to put recommendations into action the quicker is the recovery process.
Do you have a cancellation policy?

We ask for 48 hours’ notice of cancellations for all appointments as a courtesy please.

Annual Wellness Health Check

It has never been more important than now to look after your health, even if you are feeling well and have plenty of energy it is always a good idea to have a
nutrition and health reviews